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Short term disability won't pay benefits

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I live in Louisiana. I pay premiums monthly for short term disability insurance ( 1 year). I did use this and was paid benefits for one year from June 2003-2004 for a back injury. I now have other health issues which are not related, and still being diagnosed. My policy states I would be covered for a one year period of disability if 1) I returned to work OR 2) have an unrelated diagnosis. I am being treated for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, severe anxiety and tests have shown positive for ankylosing spondilitis. I am awaiting a rheumatology appt in March. I applied for benefits, after reading my policy over and over, and it seems to me that I qualify. They denied me, saying I had used my period of disability. I am still employed. I don't agree with this, and will file an appeal. Can you give me your opinion and advice? Thank you very much.

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    • I live in NY and have a short term disability policy and it also states that I have 6 months per disability but I am only allowed 1 claim per working year. In other words if I have a claim now, I won't be allowed another one untill after this time next year after going back to work. You need to read the fine print.
      #1; Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:59:00 GMT
    • Without having read your policy, any opinion anyone here could offer would be meaningless.
      #2; Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:59:00 GMT