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Health Insurance cancelled before termination, no COBRA grace period

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I was on a long term disability, without knowing and finding out by accident, I was terminated on 8/3/08. 

Because of the LTD, I was paying my health insurance directly and paid the premium on 7/27/08, for all of August , via my checking acct for 1 day delivery. 

I expected I had coverage through the month of August and no idea I was fired.  

 My employer retroactively cancelled my benefits to 7/31/08.  Until I paid the COBRA payment for August (which was miscalculated) and even after I sent the premium they would not verify my coverage because they said I needed a new card.  I was denied seeing a doctor I waited months to see and I had to pay cash for my prescriptions.  (there is more , this is the short version)

 The employer is in Michigan  and well known all over the world.       

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